When I Glance at a Picture; Columbia Glacier, Alberta, Canada

Columbia Glacier, Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

A Glance at the Columbia Glacier, Alberta, Canada

When I glance at a picture, especially a photograph (whether on a wall or posted on a digital device), the impression usually is superficial at best - it is tantamount to a "flat earth" moment. A two- dimensional idea, and maybe the inkling of three dimensions (a little depth conveyed by factors such as color/focus), offer the framework of my judgment of an image's importance, ugliness/beauty or forgetability. That is why I often tell myself to take a little more time when examining photographs (and not just my own).

Paintings and sculpture are a little different in this regard because we humans seem more accustomed (over thousands of years training) to deference to these other forms of art, giving them more space and time when we encounter them.

Note the glacier walkers on the right side

As in all subjective presentations, there is more than meets t