Palaces of Persepolis - Theater of Conquerors

I arrived at the ruins of Persepolis, near Shiraz, with great anticipation. The skies were clear and the sun burned hot even in September. It was immediately evident that the former palaces had been erected on an enormous raised platform of earth and rock, making what could be described as a giant stage. Today it looks like the show is over, the cast and crew have left, but the props scattered over a wide area had not been removed. Fortunately for mankind, those props are too large and heavy to be looted. After the palace city was burned to the ground either by accident or intentionally by Alexander’s army, the movable was moved, but columns and facades and stairs and artifacts tell many stories that have yet to be fully deciphered by archeologists and scholars.

Battle of beasts on the eastern stairway of the Apadana (audience hall)