Final Journey: Of Sound Mind (and Credentials)

What follows is kind of a little man’s recollections and projections for his own sake; yours too. However, any readers or curious pedestrians might discover in these pages some idea of what lies ahead for themselves as they sojourn in an increasingly robotic, impersonal maelstrom of instruction and companionship. I am on a voyage around the world in a new century literally, and the last century retroactively and metaphorically, using the tools of the Digital Age.

In the monstrous mountain of fact, fiction, and non-fiction, and drowning in an epic flood of ever more earth-defying feats of photographic and artistic flights of fancy, I place my own account of actual events and fantasy. These impressions may be lost and may not pass to the attention of a passerby on the digital highway, or any other road. However, like a rusting auto abandoned in the barren Sahara, pieces of this tome could be examined and dislodged and used to extend the life of another traveller on the track.

A hint to you again: many details are within the images. Look for them carefully.


I cannot continue without persuading the reader to join my story; and so in short summation I affirm that my life and studies have not been confined to weekend jaunts to WalMart’s or summer days languishing at the beach.

The personality quirks that distinguish myself, and probably unsettle some people, have all-in-all served me well; propelling me forward safely and leaving me now in later years still healthy and relatively sound of mind (I thi