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Conspiracy on Blennerhassett Island 1805

After a hiatus this summer, I have resumed recounting the pioneer history of North America. The Revolutionary War in the US is over and foreign settlers are pouring over the Appalachian Mountains and Alleghenies into the Ohio and Mississippi River basins.

The last blog reported on the first government sanctioned settlement on the Ohio River at Marietta. This photo montage and blog focuses about 12 miles downriver on a

small island where a man, Harmon Blennerhassett and his wife Margaret, arrived by keelboat at the turn of the new century (the 19th) and built a magnificent mansion. Aaron Burr, a former Vice President of the US and man who mortally wounded Alexander Hamilton, found Harman and his wife to be like-minded and proceeded to devise a plan to carve out a possible separate state or political entity on Spanish lands in the southwest. Both men were tried for treason in Richmond, Virginia.

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