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New Englishers, Coastal (cont.): The Cape and Martha's

This is my final segment of a photo-rich Book 1 survey of North American colonial history, until the be beginning of the 19th century (roughly 80 videos, 7  chapters, 400 pages).  Here we visit a part of New England — Massachusetts — that became a melting pot of frontier and western adventurers, pioneers, and traders.  

Book 2, which will follow, finally will take us past the immediate frontier and the Mississippi River to the Western frontier.  Lewis and Clark, the Mountain Men, the wagon trains, the many American Native tribes are part of a drama that is still unfolding.  Unusual geography and awesome scenery conspire to somewhat soften or to sometimes brutally instruct what was to be a daunting and multifaceted reckoning of foreign and indigenous claims to the prairies beyond the Mississippi, beyond the Rocky Mountains, and north to Alaska and Canada.  Stay tuned.  


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