Seas and Oceans

Josh Slocum started a lonely voyage on April 24, 1895 in the Spray, a 37-foot sloop of 9 tons register net.  The financial outlay for building his Spray was less than $600.  More than three years later, on June 27, 1898 he arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, after completing 46,000 miles entirely by sail and alone.  Josh had crossed the Atlantic to Gibraltar, then crossed the Atlantic again following Captain Magellan's course southwestward, navigated through the Straits, traversed the Pacific, rounded Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and crossed the Atlantic a third time.  He was the first person to complete this circumnavigation of the globe by sail and alone.

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Day at the Beach
Boat in the Fog

Maine lobsterboat

Before the Mast
Age of Sail
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