Women’s March on Washington 2017, Power and Apocalypse

Travel is sometimes an escape ploy that takes me to places and times that are unfamiliar, and offers disconnection from my routine life and normality. But I invariably have to come home. Today I delay the next installment in a promised series of blogs on the North American West (observations on the Edith Cavell Mountain’s Angel Glacier in the Canadian Rockies). Instead, this essay reviews the Women’s March of 2017 (held last month, January) in Washington D.C., USA.

As a professional journalist for most of my life, I tend to observe events from the sidelines or from a discrete perch within the moment. I then use both words and pictures to record and report. Specializing in the “trade press” (fossil fuels, energy) genre, as opposed to the general public media, I confine myself to being a conduit for argument on every side of the issues. I indulge in personal opinion, and vigorously (as those who know me politely agree), mostly on my own time outside of the employment responsibilities.